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Balmat 2 
This is a cosy 2 bedroom, 2 star, 3 level town centre apartment with wifi connection. There is a large living area which has a sofa that opens up as a double sofa bed so the apartment could then sleep 6 people.

The kitchen come with all the basic equipment like fridge, 4 ring hob, storage for lots of food. There are 2 bedrooms in 2 levels, the first one has a double bed and a single and has plenty of space. The second one is very small with just about enough room for a single bed and has one.

The great thing about this apartment is its location, its in the very centre of town and is just a short walk from all the shops, restaurants and Bars. To people that know the town its directly over Mojo\\\\\\\'s.

The Bathroom has a full bath with a shower hose. The train station is a couple of minutes walk. The apartment has plenty light but view is restricted with velux windows.